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Course Description

RAI is pleased to bring you new modules to our series of Online Petroleum Refining Training Courses!

The Oil Refinery Training Course Online will give you and your team a deeper understanding of how to make a variety of diesel grades economically, precisely tailored for a specific application, meeting US and international rules and regulations.

It also provides guidance on using best practice and application of US and International standards to improve your ability to source, supply and use the fuels required now and in the medium term.

The training modules are aimed at all diesel fuel industry stakeholders who are keen to enhance their general knowledge of gasoline fuel. It will be of value to refiners, oil terminal operators, traders, sellers, suppliers, ports, surveyors, and truck fleet operators.

The training modules consist of video recordings of lectures by Ara Barsamian, the world famous diesel blending expert, and Eliseo Curcio, modeling and optimization expert.

The RAI Diesel Blending Course Online is divided in 11 modules, where each module contains one or more videos for theory and one or more videos for exercises. At the end of each module you can answer some questions to test what you have learned.

You can download the material, that contains the coursebook pdf, protected exe exercises and the demo of the brand new RAI diesel blend optimizer, once you get your log-in information.