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Here you can see all the blending courses we have. Don't forget that we can make custom one for you. You are a step away from becoming a blending expert

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RAI Diesel Blending Course

Learn everything about Diesel Blending. Blending Economics, blend component properties such as Flash point, Pour point, specs, and more. We are rated #1. Learn with us.

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RAI Bunker Blending Course

Learn everything about Bunker Blending. From compatibility, stability, VLSFO, specs, and more. We are rated the #1 blending training courses

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RAI Gasoline Blending Course

Learn everything about Gasoline Blending. We are the #1 rated blending course in the World. Powered by Ara Barsamian and RAI

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Refinery Automation Institute is a platform to learn all kinds of Refinery Training Courses Online. Our blending experts provide extensive training courses via high quality blending material which includes videos for theory and exercises. Our objective is to make the blending techniques accessible to all by offering the best quality learning experience at the lowest cost available. 

The climate in which refiners work is becoming more difficult as a worldwide demand shifts to renewable fuels and tighter specifications. Our Fuel Oil Blending Course Online offers a detailed description of the blending mechanisms of white products covering all facets of refining production and technologies. The course offers an insight into how the blending phase works into an automated oil refinery. To demonstrate the subjective importance of each component of the blending process, case studies are used.

At our, Oil Refinery Certification Course Online, we also offer training for entry-level operators. This is a user-friendly programme specially tailored for individuals who have limited knowledge of this industry or related subjects such as math, physics, or chemistry. In the curriculum modules, the appropriate science concepts are developed. You can learn at your own intensity on your own time, from home or at work. At the conclusion of this course, you will be given a certificate.


What Some Our Students Have to Say. We over 9000 reviews for a 4.95/5 rate.

I learned a lot from the bunker blending course. Everybody was worried about IMO 2020 and lacking of low sulfur blend components. Ara explained everything and he shared a huge database with low sulfur blend components. It was also terrific learning from Lee all the issues related with the blending order and how to avoid having and unstable blend.
From Eni
We arranged in-house courses to give all our team a better understanding of gasoline blending and Ara delivered an excellent course. The content is very interesting and his experience and passion bring everything to a different level. The in-line blending section was the icing on the cake, since we were looking for some blending improvements.
From PBF
It was the best gasoline blending course so far. A lot of information and with the guided exercises it was easy to understand a concept and then replicate alone. It was also great getting many articles, papers and patents on the reference section. Thank you
From P66
IMO 2020 has been an issues for many people working on the shipping business. We experienced having sludge very easily and also with the VLSFO being not really a bunker but close to a marine gasoil it was difficult to make sellable and stable blends. Ara and Lee guided us and delivered recipe to be complaint and to avoid having sludge. It was also very important to get knowledge on other issues such as flash point and pour point.
From Total