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Ara at the FUJCON18, talking about future VLSFO and predicting its behavior and prices
Ara at the FUJCON18, talking about future VLSFO and predicting its behavior and prices
We teach Gasoline, Diesel blending
Bunker and crude blending

Our Story

We are blending experts providing: Blending Advice such as: Addressing ON and RVP giveaway, Planning & Scheduling giveaway, RIN Headaches, buying the $-Best components. Design In line Blenders with modular drop-in place, skid mounted and pre-wired, for gasoline, diesel and bunker. Automate the blending process, has never been so easy. We will help you through all the steps, with performance guarantee. Blending Economic Performance Assessment study without interfering with daily company working routine. Teaching Gasoline, Diesel and Bunker Blending courses worldwide, either public, in-house or customized.

We are number one in the World, providing excellent training courses. Take advantage from the over 45 years of experience of Ara Barsamian, working with Exxon in the beginning of his career before starting his own company or from Eliseo Curcio with over 10 years of experience in modeling and optimization. For more info visit www.refautom.com

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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Ara Barsamian

Ara Barsamian

is the President of Refinery Automation Institute (RAI) LLC. He has more than 45 years of experience in gasoline, diesel and biofuels blending operations and technology. Earlier in his career, he was a group head with Exxon Research and Engineering Co., President of 3X Corp., and Vice-President of ABB Simcon, all in the area of fuels blending. Mr. Barsamian holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from City University of New York in New York.

Lee Eliseo Curcio

is a Chemical Engineer, Vice President and CFO at Refinery Automation Institute (RAI). As a blending and optimization specialist, he has worked with RAI for the past 8 yr in the areas of gasoline, diesel and bunker blending, ethanol nonlinear property correlations and octane boost, and naphtha and butane blending. He also teaches the gasoline, diesel and bunker blending optimization section of RAI’s blending public course. As a manager, he is responsible for growing the business, acquiring new customers and managing company cashflow. He worked previously at Catholic University of Louvain in advanced modeling and optimization. optimization. He holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering with high honors from the University of Calabria, Italy.