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Refinery Automation Institute offers On-line virtual classes to learn more about blending. The classes are divided in modules and each module has theory and exercises where you can test right away what you have learned.

We differ from competitors because once you have registered you have full 10 days to watch the full course, at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Extensive Training

We have courses for Gasoline Blending, Bunker Blending, Diesel Blending and we also make custom courses for you

Time to Learn

You have an extensive amount of time to go over the videos and material to learn more efficiently, no rush

Premium Material

We have high quality videos, for theory and exercises. High quality content with the best blending material in the World

Our Most Popular Blending Training Courses:

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RAI Diesel Blending Course

Learn everything about Diesel Blending. Blending Economics, blend component properties such as Flash point, Pour point, specs, and more. We are rated #1. Learn with us.

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RAI Bunker Blending Course

Learn everything about Bunker Blending. From compatibility, stability, VLSFO, specs, and more. We are rated the #1 blending training courses

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RAI Gasoline Blending Course

Learn everything about Gasoline Blending. We are the #1 rated blending course in the World. Powered by Ara Barsamian and RAI

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

We have over 45 years of experience in the blending business. Our team is led by the CEO and Blending Expert Ara Barsamian and the CFO and Modeling and Optimization Expert Lee Eliseo Curcio. We are the best in blending and you will be ready to hit the ground running after you take the courses. See our main website and our past clients: www.refautom.com

Ara Barsamian
Ara Barsamian — President & CEO

With these courses you will be start learning from day 1. We tailored the course to increase your skills right away.

For a limited time we give customers the possibility of watching the courses for 10 days. Take advantage of that. Don’t rush and have patience.

With over 45 years of experience in this field Ara knows exactly what to teach and how to teach to maximize the learning experience.

Eliseo Curcio— Vice President & CFO

We designed these courses to give the customers the ability to learn and use the knowledge right away after a module has been completed.

We designed a brand new blending optimizer taking into account all the feedback from the past years. We show real examples and scenarios where you can learn real time.

With over 10 years of experience in blending modeling and optimization, Eliseo knows how to make the whole blending optimization experience easy to understand, especially with a “Plug & Play” tool. 

New way of learning with Interactive Exercises

RAI is pleased to bring you new modules to our series of Blend Optimization Training Online. We will be introducing tailored courses from gasoline blending, bunker blending, Vlsfo Online Training Certification Course and diesel blending. RAI also provides custom courses to meet your needs.

The Professional Blending Courses Online are divided in modules and each module has theory and exercise, where you can apply what you have learned during the theory on a real case scenario.

The course comes with high quality videos, the famous blending coursebook (electronic version) with over 500 pages, where you can follow the teachers during the presentation, Excel exercises and a demo of the new state-of-the-art RAI blend optimizer.

During the Blending Training Courses Online you will learn to master the use of the optimizer with many cases, simulating real life scenarios and understanding the potential of a tool like the optimizer.

RAI will give the first 20 registered customers the possibility of watching the videos for 10 days (the 10 days start immediately after you purchase the course), where you can follow at your own pace and your own schedule.


We advise to take full advantage of this limited opportunity (if registered late, you will have 5 days to watch the full course). Don't delay and register today by clicking on the link below.
We have special offers: USD 1699 for each course or USD 2399 for both courses.

What Some of Our Students Have to Say. We have over 9000 reviews for a 4.95/5 rate.

The course is outstanding. You get a good knowledge of blending if you don't have any experience. The theory is perfect, Ara explained anything and more. I suggest to take this class.
From Exxon
I didn't have any knowledge of gasoline blending before. I got promoted to a new role and I wanted to learn more about gasoline bIending. I was skeptical because I thought it was too advanced, indeed Ara explained everything and now I am very confident of what I am doing.
From Chevron
The course was excellent. My goal was to learn and understand product specifications, blend components evaluation and dispute resolution. Ara delivered those concepts perfectly and I used what learned to bring more value to my company.
I had previous knowledge of blending, I was looking to have a better idea on how to select blend components and hot to evaluate them and how to increase profitability. Lee explained this topic very well and we are very interested in the optimizer. Now my company understand the potential of the tool.
From Trafigura